13 Alternative Haggadahs To Brighten Up Your Passover Seder

Did you know there’s a Haggadah for Buddhists? And hip hop fans?

1. For the hip hop fan:

The So-Called Seder comes in CD format, and features a matzoh on a turntable.

ID: 1000590

2. For the “confused Jew” who enjoys puns:

Haggadah Good Feeling About This. Do you?

ID: 999924

3. For the Facebook addict:

The story of Passover is told here in a series of Facebook updates.

ID: 999873

4. For Buddhists:

Zen types will enjoy the Haggadah for Jews and Buddhists.

ID: 1000548

5. For Christians:

Christians, meanwhile, can use this Haggadah to have “an authentic Jewish Passover seder, from a distinctively Christian perspective.”

ID: 1000600

6. For the enthusiastic online dater:

The most popular Jewish online dating website naturally has its own Haggadah, which you can download or view on an iPad. The introduction reads: “Look around and appreciate all you have, for we were once Pharaoh’s slaves in Egypt where there was no cell reception and very few taxi cabs.” So, there’s that.

ID: 1000012

7. For the feminist:

In The Traditional Egalitarian Passover Haggadah, the four sons are replaced by the four daughters.

ID: 999951

8. For the literary snob:

The author of Everything Is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close edited a haggadah that was released last year. The New Yorker approves, so… you’re good.

ID: 989179

9. For the vegetarian:

Seder plates typically involve a lamb shank. Not so in the Haggadah For The Vegetarian Family.

ID: 989178

10. For the animal rights activist:

Haggadah For The Liberated Lamb is not only vegetarian, it also “celebrates compassion for all creatures.” And it was in an exhibit at Harvard once!

ID: 1000672

11. For the Pinterest fanatic:

A website that allows you to put together your own custom Haggadah and print it out will indulge the DIY-obsessed.

ID: 1000054

12. For the person who refuses to see 2-D movies anymore:

There’s a 3-D Haggadah for you.

ID: 1000633

13. For the socially awkward:

The Un-Haggadah promises “to keep the conversation and wine flowing.”

ID: 1000664

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