9 Signs Black Friday Needs To End

What was once just an early start on holiday shopping now means workers are forced to skip Thanksgiving dinner. This has gone too far.

1. Walmart and Toys R Us are starting their sales at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

Steven Senne / AP

Traditionally, sales have started closer to midnight. The earlier start means thousands of workers will be forced to skip Thanksgiving dinner to cover shifts for low wages. Many Walmart employees are protesting, but protesting Walmart is a tricky thing to do. CBS tells the story of a man who had his hours cut after joining a group of Walmart employees who favor unionizing. Without a steady income, the man lost custody of his son.

2. All these people won’t get to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with their families.

3. And then, there’s this. People who voluntarily skip Thanksgiving to shop.

I'm skipping thanksgiving this year and sleeping to prepare for my Black Friday shopping 😁

— marisa_noonan (@Marisa Noonan)

might be skipping thanksgiving dinner to sit out for the tv at Target on Black Friday #tiswhattistaintwhattaint

— JDick33 (@Joseph Dickinson)

This year we are skipping Thanksgiving and going straight to Black Friday.

— SierraOsita (@Sierra Sulway)

I feel like skipping Thanksgiving this year and just waiting in line for Black Friday.

— Venuss_69 (@r e b e c a ❤ ♀)

4. People are going to get trampled even worse this year. Blame smartphones.

Karen Bleier / Getty Images

Almost every major retailer has some kind of app to serve shoppers looking for the best deals. Technology is great and all, but I fear for the people who will get trampled while staring down at their iPhones.

5. There’s also indoor Google Maps for a bunch of stores.

Ikea, Macy’s, Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s, and more now have interior maps to guide shoppers to the department of their preference. In addition to the potential trampling, this will probably allow some savvy and aggressive shoppers to treat stores even MORE like a football field/maze/obstacle course.

6. Black Friday has spread to Australia.

They don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving there! Nonetheless, Apple is having a “Black Friday” sale in Australia, offering discounts on iPads, laptops and the like. We can’t stop American culture from spreading across the world, but really, this? Is this the culture we want to spread? Gosh, send them McDonald’s! Anything else.

7. The commercials are pretty bad. Check out this bizarre Old Navy one with George Takei.


8. Then there are these two Target ads.

When our ancestors unearth these hundreds of years from now, they WILL judge us.

9. And now Black Friday has even infiltrated religion.

The above is going viral on Facebook.

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