19 Amazing Captions From Kathie Lee And Hoda

The fourth hour of Today is really the best.

1. “Why Guys Are The Way They Are”

ID: 793643

2. “Sasha Obama Starts School With Ugly Doll”

ID: 794089

3. “Is It Okay To Kiss Your Dog On The Lips?”

Important questions!

ID: 793872

4. “Celebrating Wines-Day: Sipping On Boxed Wine”

Important note! Kathie Lee and Hoda are not drinking alcohol on the show for the month of January. I repeat: no booze. Wines-Day is currently on hold.

ID: 793672

5. “Is It Ok For Royals To Act Like Commoners?”

Short answer: NO.

ID: 793610

6. “Ellen Tweets Back To Kathie Lee”

ID: 793886

7. “Kathie Lee’s Melting Meno-Pot”

Further details not needed.

ID: 793668

8. “Kathie Lee’s Mad Dash In Car Headed To Studio 1A”

How meta.

ID: 793530

9. “Kathie Lee, Hoda And Their Moms Go Bowling”


ID: 793545

10. “Tokens Of Love: The Feel Good Bag”

ID: 793603

11. “Is It Ok To Use Fame To Beat A Parking Ticket?”

Americans demand to know the answer!

ID: 793619

12. “Tori Spelling Tells Us She’s Not Pregnant But Tweets She Is”

ID: 793528

13. “Roll In The Hay: Study Finds Fat Men Make Better Lovers”

ID: 793879

14. “Kathie Lee’s Hair Hot Topic On Facebook”

ID: 793883

15. “Secret Agent Man”

ID: 793892

16. “Strike A Pose: A Certain Way To Stand For Photos”

ID: 793950

17. “Dealing With Awkward Situations”

ID: 794083

18. “Feels Like Sleepwear But Looks Like Jeans”

ID: 794100

19. “Things That Make You Go Hmmm: Booty Pillow, $29.99”

And yes, that is Nick Lachey.

ID: 794115

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