16 Ways The Toy Industry Is Stuck In The Stone Age

Offerings for girls: pink kitchen-cleaning accessories and mini sewing machines. For boys: powerful telescopes and toy weapons.

1. Hi, girls: Your laptop has half the functions and costs less.

ID: 719202

2. Say hello to princesses, ponies, and mermaids. Sorry, no scientists and builders.

From the Toys R Us 2010 catalog.

ID: 719211

3. Here’s a “diamond ring” for a “sweet baby girl” and a “saw” for a “busy baby boy.”

ID: 719221

4. It’s playtime! Girls: Please clean the kitchen. Boys: Do science.

Dutch toy catalog.

ID: 719231

5. In the 2009 Toys R Us catalog, the pink microscope gets the lowest magnification.

ID: 719234

6. In 2010, it gets a mere fraction of the magnification. And costs way less.

ID: 720807

7. “Do you think girls will get the memo about the kitchen? OK, well, let’s make it pink just to be sure.”

From a Sears catalogue.

ID: 719236

8. Boys: guitars, war, roller coasters. Girls: pink home decor, baking.

ID: 719248

9. Here’s the boys’ stuff in Australian store Myers’ catalog.

ID: 720588

Here’s the girls’ stuff.

ID: 720591

10. Important news: This cleaning trolley is for “girls only.”

ID: 720606

11. Just like Mom.

ID: 720689

12. Merry Christmas! Please enjoy your respective sewing machines and cool robot things.

ID: 720687

13. Ah, yes, boys and their “kooky” things.

ID: 720693

14. The war of the “arty, silly” boys and the “puzzly, pretty” girls.

ID: 720746

15. Happy holidays! Girls, per this Pottery Barn Kids catalog, it’s time to make tea in the kitchen. And then have a tea party.

ID: 720748

The boys, of course, have more diverse interests: They’re permitted to play with trucks, trains, dinosaurs, and telescopes.

ID: 720751

16. By the way, this will not stop when you grow up.

From a 2010 Target coupon catalog.

ID: 720418

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