15 People Who Think J.K. Rowling’s Racy New Book Has Ruined Their Childhood

The Harry Potter author’s new book for adults, The Casual Vacancy, includes sex scenes and a lot of curse words. In other words: CHILDHOOD = RUINED.

J.K. Rowling has graduated (for now, at least!) from writing books intended for kids, which means, obviously, that your childhood is finished.


Sex scenes??? It can’t be!


The narrator of your childhood is talking about balls and erections.


JK Rowling writing about a teenager's balls with great sang froid. Nooo my childhood #thecasualballs #spoilers

— neuromantically (@Kat M.)

Oh God. J.K. Rowling used the word "erection" in her new book. My childhood is officially OVER. #casualvacancy #jkrowling

— malleyy (@K)

Jk Rowling just said erection. Bye bye childhood.

— JoyWood23 (@Joy Wood)

And she’s using curse words. Blashpemy.


Cursing from JK Rowling? Why do you insist on continually killing my childhood?

— HagridIsHerName (@Danielle Burk)

Just heard J. K. Rowling say "fuck". My childhood has officially ended.

— michaeljritchie (@Michael)

JK Rowling's use of 'fucker' in her new book is like a big slap to my childhood..

— Saraahalliday (@Sara Halliday)

Barely 30 pages in & J.K. Rowling has already used the words, 'fucker', 'shit', 'cunt', 'tits' & 'erection'. D: MY INNOCENCE. MY CHILDHOOD.

— nmyers89 (@Nicholas Myers)

Childhood has been RIPPED AWAY.


J.K Rowling using the word 'fuck' and 'cunt' is odd. My childhood has been ripped away from.

— ItsShaneHimself (@Frankenstein)

People are #sad.


The fact JK Rowling's wrote an adult book kinda makes me feel like my childhood is over, sounds stupid but it does.

— sulysaidhi (@Legen-wait for it-☺)

JK Rowling's new novel comes out today.. if you need me, I'll be in my room crying because I just remembered my childhood is over. #hormones

— ereeka (@Erica Ellen)

Heck, the book’s even ruining childhood for people who are STILL children.

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