11 Fashionable Ducks Strutting The Runway In Couture

Every April, Australia is home to a “Duck Fashion Parade.” Here are some of my favorite looks from the past few years.

1. Oh, great patterns!

ID: 255550

2. A kind of waitress in a roadside diner look? Not crazy about it!

ID: 255552

3. The pink hat is very on-trend.

ID: 255560

Proof: Look at this, from the Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 show.

ID: 255569

4. Put a bird on it!

ID: 255591

5. From the menswear collection.

ID: 255597

6. I know what you’re thinking…”Why can’t people have more fun with menswear?” Get creative! Cute dog, though.

ID: 255599

7. Male models hanging out backstage.

ID: 255640

8. I feel like you could totally wear this to a royal wedding. Queen Liz would approve, no?

ID: 255604

9. Not a great choice of fabric, but nice job with the layering.

ID: 255608

10. Bridal Collection!! Paging Vera Wang.

ID: 255618

11. A bit old-fashioned, but I dig the hat.

ID: 255625

And here’s a video:

via Huffington Post

ID: 255668

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