This Is What Happens When You Ask People To Do A Hot Sauce Taste Test

If you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned.

1. We gave a panel of tasters some of the world’s very favorite hot sauces to try. How did it go?

ID: 2927414

2. It was easy at first, even enjoyable. Hey, who doesn’t like some Cholula?

ID: 2927474

3. But the arrogance of the uninitiated would not go unpunished. Eat the entire bottle, you say?

ID: 2927463

4. Because eventually, the hot sauce began to conquer the poor tasters’ palates, and numbness set in.

ID: 2927442

5. And what lay beyond that merciful numbness? LIMITLESS AGONY. HUMAN SUFFERING WITHOUT END. ENJOY THE MILK, BOYS.

ID: 2927412

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