This Is What Happens When You Ask Men And Women To Explain The Penis

Turns out, no one knows anything.

1. We asked a group of women to explain male anatomy using a highly accurate medical model.

ID: 2838120

2. And we did the same exact thing with a group of men.

ID: 2838126

3. So how did everyone do? Well, both the men and the women did a reasonably good job of explaining what testosterone does.

ID: 2837456

4. Emphasis on “reasonably.”

ID: 2837901

5. But things got a little dicey when we asked everyone to describe the sperm’s journey. The sperm starts in the testes, then goes…

ID: 2837534

6. And down the… what?

ID: 2837933

7. By the time we asked about the vas deferens, we’d realized something very important:

ID: 2838027

8. When it comes to male anatomy, no one really knows anything.

ID: 2837545

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