13 Horrible Things That Can Happen At A Gay Club

Sometimes it’s just not your night.

1. Someone spills their Appletini all over your brand new TOMS.

ID: 981987

2. You see your ex grinding on a really cute guy.

ID: 981993

3. The cute bartender thinks your girl friend who tagged along is way more interesting than you.

ID: 981994

4. There are 100 bitchy gay guys desperate for a ‘Sex on the Beach’ and only 2 bartenders.

ID: 981998

5. You run into a guy you hooked up with, promised to call, and then didn’t.

ID: 982000

6. The only guy who will dance with you is 57 and married.

ID: 982001

7. All of your friends are incredibly late so you’re sitting at the bar alone.

ID: 982005

8. A guy old enough to be your grandpa won’t shut up about all of the expensive things he’ll buy you…

ID: 982012

And then asks you if you want to go back to his “mansion” with him.

ID: 982013

9. You see your co-worker in the bathroom, who just got engaged…to his girlfriend.

ID: 982016

10. You’re having a great conversation with a hot guy at the bar, but then you run out of things to talk about and you say something totally awkward.

ID: 982032

11. You completely lose your buzz while dancing and none of your friends are in sight.

ID: 982037

12. Someone says they have never watched “Golden Girls.”

ID: 982040

13. There is a power glitch in the middle of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

ID: 982056

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