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  • Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Diego Garcia

    Diego Garcia, the militarised island in the middle of the Indian Ocean has gained a fair bit of attention this year since it was claimed that the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 could have landed there. The grim history of the island was revealed in the 2009 book, ‘The Island Of Shame’.

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  • How To Become A Mermaid

    Making a working mermaid potion can be very difficult but it is possible. The change will normally take place over night so ensure you’re not wearing any clothes on the lower half of your body.

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  • World Cup 2014: Guide To Brazil

    Of course football is a popular past time in England, so it will come as no surprise that the World Cup was invited here in 1966 by Roger Moore and Gary Lineker, you know the guy off of crisps. It takes place roughly every six years and travels from country to country. This year it’s being hosted by Brazil, the capital city of South America. Over 2,000 counties have been boiled down to just 31 in the heats and in a week’s time they will go head to head to establish once and for all which country is the best in the world at football. Since ‘66, England has been no stranger to the World Cup, having so far competed in all seven tournaments. In fact, the World Cup was due to be hosted again in England in 2001 but had to be cancelled due to foot and mouth disease.

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  • Working In The UK Radio Industry In Infographics

    Is everyone in radio either gay or a geek? Are there really more male presenters than female? How do financial budgets vary between the commercial radio sector and the BBC? Find out all this and more as I take you on an inforgraphical tour of the UK radio business…

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