12 Signs You’ve Been A Business Traveler For Too Long

It’s so true, it hurts. Once you arrive, make sure to #StaySmart.

1. You try to recline in every chair you sit in.

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2. You can fit your entire life into a carry on.

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3. Your chargers have chargers.

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4. You have intense animosity towards certain flight attendants at your home airport.

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5. You, never ever check a bag.

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6. You refuse to arrive at LAX, JFK, LGA, or ATL between the hours of 4-6pm.

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7. You know the best hidden spots to get a quick drink.

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8. You’re a pro at getting through security.

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9. You live in your own time zone.

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10. You can wear your suit as three different outfits.

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11. You refer to cities as their airport codes, not their real names.

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12. Your favorite phrase is “You’ve been upgraded.”

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