10 Reasons You Were Born To Travel The World

Great business travelers are born, not made. If you’re at home on the road, you’ll understand. Make sure you #StaySmart on your next trip. Happy travels!

1. You can pack your entire life into a carry-on bag.

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2. You can sleep through anything.

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3. Your favorite magazine is SkyMall.

Pallesten / Via Flickr: pellesten

SkyRest pillow availbe for purchase HERE. You know you want one.

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4. Your ideal breakfast is a buffet.

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5. You enjoy things in small packages.

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6. You can get your shoes off and your laptop out in five seconds flat.

NiiceDave / Via Flickr: 33671002@N00
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7. You love to experience new things.

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8. You are serious about earning hotel reward points.

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9. You can ask “Wi-Fi password?” in seven different languages.

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10. You have time zone clocks in your living room.

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