Why Ranch Is The Best Condiment

Let’s be real. I’m far superior to anything out there. From my taste to my versatility, you’re gonna wanna go with me. And put me all over everything.

1. I go with everything.

Seriously. Name a single food that doesn’t taste better with me. I bet you can’t do it.

2. Seriously, have you ever had me on pizza?


3. I’m All-American

I am so American, our forefathers definitely ate me. They probably celebrated the signing of the Declaration of Independence with some Ranch-dipped buffalo fingers. I don’t know for sure, but with my patriotic track record, it seems likely.

4. But I’m also quite multi-cultural.

See? I go well on practically anything. I span the world of culinary possibilities.

5. I’m easy to clean.

Don’t be afraid to rock those white pants again and again.

6. I’ve heard I’m pretty addicting.

We’re gonna need some therapists over here, stat.

7. I’m multi-faceted!

There are literally no boundaries! Dip me, drizzle me OR even spread me.

8. How do you even spell ketchup (catsup? catchup?) anyway?

It shouldn’t be this difficult.

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