Top 11 Bromances That Put Real Romances To Shame

Sometimes a dude just needs love from another dude. But in a totally none gay way, man. Here’s a list of some of the most dedicated duo’s, fiction characters and real boys alike.

1. Vinny and Pauly D from “The Jersey Shore”

Vinny: “We went straight from Italy to Jersey and I’ve spent every single day for 110 days waking up to Pauly and going to sleep next to Pauly”

ID: 24463

2. Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter from “Boy Meets World”

Cory Matthews: “When I’m here with you, I’m fine, but over there with Topanga it’s like I’m a… a… a sea monkey.”
Shawn Hunter: “That’s a bad animal.”

ID: 24464

3. Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie from “Flight of the Concords”

Jemaine: “Soooooo, are you alright?”
Bret: “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.”
Jemaine: “Oh well alright I was just saying how you’re sitting in the shower… with your clothes on… crying…”

ID: 24469

4. Kenneth “The Page” Parcell and Tracy Jordan from “30 Rock”

Tracy Jordan: “…but what did I tell you was the secret to havin’ a good marriage and keepin’ it together, Kenneth?”
Kenneth Parcell: “Be a good listener, a giver of gifts and work that va-jay-jay.”
Tracy Jordan: “That’s my boyeee!”

ID: 24473

5. Corey Feldman and Corey Haim

Corey Haim: “Corey Feldman and I did sneak into the screening room one day during Lost Boys.”

Corey Feldman on Haim’s death: “They [brother and sister] informed me of the loss of my brother Corey Haim. My eyes weren’t even open all the way when the tears started streaming down my face.”

ID: 24478

6. J.D. and Turk from “Scrubs”

JD : Anyway, this is the end of a major chapter in our lives and you know what? I am going to take you out tonight, yes sir, we are going to get some dinner, we’ll get a nice bottle of wine.

Turk : It sounds like you are asking me out on a man-date 

JD : Turk, why are you so afraid of loving me?

ID: 24481

7. Frodo and Sam from “Lord of the Rings”

Frodo: I need you on my side.
Sam: I’m on your side, Mr Frodo.
Frodo: I know you are, Sam.

ID: 24484

8. Rob and Big

Rob: I’m the skateboarder in this family
Big: I’m the bodyguard
Rob: …and you’re the puppy.

ID: 24489

9. Harold and Kumar from “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle”

Harold: Oh, nice. 16 Candles is on, man.
Kumar: And the award for the least heterosexual statement ever made in this apartment goes to… Harold Lee! Come on down, man! Take a bow!
Harold: Shut up, man. It’s a classic.

ID: 24497

10. Charlie Kelly and Frank Reynolds from “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

Charlie Kelly: “Why do we never play ‘nightcrawlers’ anymore huh?”

ID: 24500

11. Bart Simpson and Milhouse Van Houten from “The Simpsons”

Bart Simpson: Finally, someone who will do everything I say.
Milhouse Van Houten: Hey, Bart. I shaved my head just like you told me.
Bart Simpson: Go away.
Milhouse Van Houten: Yes, Master.

ID: 24504

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