21 Haircuts You Should Never Have In Your Lifetime

Sometimes you have a bad hair day. Other times, you just have bad judgment.

21. The Satellite Dish

ID: 85383

20. The Comb Over

Don’t stare directly at it, you’ll be sucked into the sadness.

ID: 85430

19. The most confusing mullet ever

ID: 85281

18. Scene Kid multi-colored beehive

This is the sort of haircut that puts epileptics at risk for seizures.

ID: 85229

17. Reverse Mohawk

ID: 85316

16. The Electric Wave

ID: 85471

15. “Shit Head”

Har har, dude. I can see you’re a funny guy because you’re one part self-deprecating humor and the rest terrible puns.

ID: 85236

14. The E.T. Phone Home

She does this because she wants everyone to know she’s an individual who takes pride in making other people uncomfortable.

ID: 85343

13. The Skunk Chunk

Under all that hair product is just your typical teenager who loves shitty music.

ID: 85404

12. ???

I am hoping this hair is part of a Dr. Seuss movie wardrobe.

ID: 85398

11. The Prisoner

He’s a prisoner in his own body.

ID: 85413

10. 90’s Prom Hair

ID: 85480

9. Lion’s Mane

AKA the hairy headband.

ID: 85325

8. Whatever is going on here

ID: 85465

7. Blowout 2.0

This haircut is a cross between a blowout and something you’d see at a Korn concert.

ID: 85242

6. The Mustache

Two mustaches are definitely not better than one.

ID: 85486

5. The Crown of Curls

ID: 85333

4. Terribly matted dreadlocks

There aren’t enough words to describe how put off I am by this mass of hair.

ID: 85258

3. Hitler Chic

This haircut is best left to never. No, not even ironically.

ID: 85405

2. The “most things Lady Gaga wears on her head”

that are all extremely phallic or directly taken from “Earth Girls Are Easy”.

ID: 85443

1. Literal Rat tail

Via 5pg.me

Just, ew.

ID: 85202

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