19 Pepsi Flavors You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The Cola Wars have raged for decades between Coke and Pepsi, and in order to come out on top, sometimes you gotta bring out the big guns. Pepsi has had their fair share of unorthodox flavors over the years (*cough cough* Japan *cough cough*), most of them unsuccessful and subsequently discontinued. So here’s a toast to that crazy bubbly stuff!

1. Ice Cream (Russia)

2. Pepsi Cappuccino (Russia and Romania)

3. Pepsi Summer Chill - apple soda (Poland)

4. Pepsi Twist Mojito (Italy)

This sadly contains no alcohol.

5. Pepsi Gold - white sapote flavor (Japan, Germany, Finland and Central Europe)

Originally, this was a promotional tool used for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. It’s gold and sort of looks like someone peed in a pepsi bottle.

6. Fire (hot cinnamon) and Ice (cool mint) Pepsi (Guam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines)

7. Pepsi White - yogurt flavored (Japan)

8. Azuki Sweet Bean Pepsi (Japan)

9. Pepsi Blue Hawaii - pineapple lemon flavored (Japan)

10. Pepsi Ice Cucumber

11. Pepsi Red - spicy ginger (Japan)

12. Pepsi Shiso (Japan)

13. Pepsi Mont Blanc - based on a French chestnut dessert (Japan)

14. Pepsi Pink - strawberry milk flavor (Japan)

15. Pepsi Holiday - cinnamon (USA and Canada)

16. Pepsi Baobab - monkey bread fruit flavor (Japan)

17. Pepsi Samba - mango and Tamarind (Australia)

18. Pepsi Jazz (USA)

This came in three distinct flavors: black cherry french vanilla, strawberries and Cream, and caramel cream.

19. And the beloved Crystal Pepsi (USA, Canada, Australia and select parts of Europe)

Okay, okay EVERYONE has heard of this one, but it’s memory must be honored, This was the same flavor as the original but was awesomely translucent.

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