12 Ways To Make Sure Your Day Is Never A Snoozefest

Boot that lameness to the curb. And if you’re looking to start your awesomeness at an 11, get a kick from Lil’ Kicker.

1. Narrate your most ordinary daily tasks.

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2. Teach your cat to use the toilet, so you don’t have to clean a litter box.

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3. When chowing down, don’t be afraid to get creative.

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4. Say adios to games that take up all of your free time.

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5. When the radio plays your favorite song, let everybody know how much you love it.

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6. At the end of every winter, leave a few extra bucks in your jacket to find later.

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7. Avoid lines (because lines are the worst).

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8. Send yourself an email that’s scheduled to arrive later in the day for an extra boost.

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9. Even when drinking soda, live on the wild side.

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10. Make shopping actually interesting by scaring the people around you.

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11. Teach your cat to say something useful.

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12. And when you get your clean on, bust all the moves.

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