6 Reasons To Buy The Xbox One Vs PS4

Xbox is about to turn your brain into $#!%.

1. Tasty New Kinect

Right out of the gates, the Xbox One comes standard with the new 1080p Kinect. Now watch your fat uncle get fit.

ID: 1210387

2. Because Jazz Hands

Or Uncle Bruce get frisky.

ID: 1210405

3. Instantly ready to play.

If only your mom was as easy to turn on.

ID: 1210447

4. This is you’re living room upon installation.

Mondays… Luckily your a ninja.

ID: 1210475

5. It’s stunning, complete, and intelligent.

With all that is included form launch with the Xbox One, it’s hard to imagine getting a PS4. Sure, the PS4 is more robust in terms of raw gaming power, but the Xbox One does more for the overall entertainment factor and that’s where the battle counts.

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6. Mind. Blown.

“Excuse me, I seem to have messed myself.”

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