31 ’90s TV Theme Songs You Know You Used To Sing Along With!

Remember back in the ’90s when the theme song was just as important as the show? Here are some of the best ones!

31. Grace Under Fire

The whole family could sing along to this one!

30. Breaker High

Look it’s a high school on a boat!

29. Kids Incorporated

K.I.D.S. kids incorporated!!

28. The Torkelsons

If you were a fan of this show you definitely sang along!

27. Reading Rainbow

Best reading show on tv!

26. Sister Sister

Sister Sistaaa!!

25. Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego

Ok this was the COOLEST theme song ever!

24. Saved By The Bell

Awww Zack Morris!

23. Blossom

The dancing was so cool!!

22. Full House

You all know you wanted your life to be just like this video!

21. The New Mickey Mouse Club

This was every ’90s kids dream!

20. Family Matters


19. The Wonder Years

Winnie Cooper and Kevin Arnold!!

18. A Different World

This one was so cool!

17. Baywatch

The slow motion running!

16. Party Of Five

Scott Wolf!!

15. Golden Girls

Admit it….you still know all the words!

14. Dawson’s Creek

Dawson! Pacey! Joey!!

13. The Nanny

So Fun!

12. Moesha


11. Charmed

The power of 3 will set you free

10. Felicity

You definitely hummed along to this song!

9. Cops

You definitely sang along to this!

8. Mad About You

Jaime and Paul!

7. Step By Step

Another great family show

6. Boy Meets World


5. King Of Queens

Cause baby all my life I will be driving home to you!

4. Roseanne

One of the best ’90s sitcoms!

3. Beverly Hills 90210

You couldn’t sing along to this but you definitely did the Brandon fist pump move

2. Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Everyone knew the words to this one!!

1. Friends

One of the greatest shows of the ’90s!

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