10 Reasons Why Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake Have The Best Bromance Ever!

And they should always do everything together all the time forever and ever!

10. They are awesome at choreographed dance routines!

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This makes them the perfect couple to invite to any party!

9. They are comfortable sharing their emotions with each other!

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And even have their own little inside jokes!

8. They Make Each Other Laugh!

7. They Like To Dress The Same!

And manage to look fantastic no matter how ridiculous the outfit!

6. They Sing In Perfect Harmony!

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They would make the best Karaoke team ever!

5. They Aren’t Afraid Of A Little PDA Now and Then!

Awwwwww adorbs!!

4. They Take Great Photos Together!

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How handsome are they?!

3. They Celebrate Each Others Successes!

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Jimmy is definitely Justin’s biggest fan!

2. When They Hang Out Together They Make An Official Announcement And Give It A Cool Name!

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Just like Timberweek in March..This is going to be AWESOME!!

1. They Look Badass Together No Matter What They Do!

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Are they doing karate? Are they dancing? Who cares they are awesome no matter what!!! Please don’t ever break up JT and JF!!

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