This Is The Quickest Way To Make A DIY Baby Groot

Anyone can DIY if you lower your expectations!

Like many of us, I have been unable to wait for the Marvel licensing machine to kick into gear for the Dancing Baby Groot frenzy.

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So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

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Here is how to make your own Baby Groot in 5 easy steps.

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1. Obtain these items: A stick of asparagus, a marker, a small pot, and soil.

Colin Heasley

You can buy asparagus at the grocery store. Alternatively, you can grow it, but be warned: Asparagus is a spring vegetable.

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2. Use the marker to draw a face on your stick of asparagus.

Colin Heasley

I chose a ‘happy’ face, but you are the art director of your own Baby Groot DIY so go crazy.

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3. Put the soil in the pot.

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4. Put the stick of asparagus in the soil.

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5. Use toothpicks to add the arms.

Colin Heasley

Tip: Colorful toothpicks can add a touch of whimsy!

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Voila! Baby Groot!*

Colin Heasley

*Baby Groot lasts 4-6 days, can be affected by housepets and ravenous hunger. It doesn’t dance, but you can play music at it.

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