11 Questions That Only A Vampire Could Answer

More immortality, more wisdom. And to get some of that wisdom, the True Blood cast (vampire and otherwise) will be answering questions on HBO on June 19th, 8:45 p.m. ET/PT. Submit your unanswered wonderings to truebloodlive.com and learn #secretsfromtheset all Sunday.

1. How does it feel when everyone is uploading pictures of sunsets?

ID: 1249515

2. If you cry too much, do you get thirsty?

ID: 1249461

3. Is there an app you use to get blood delivered?

ID: 1249458

4. How do vampires from New Jersey tan?

ID: 1249984

5. Do y’all have a special, vampire social network?

ID: 1249451

6. Do you ever worry about bloodborne pathogens?

ID: 1249452

7. Batman: friend, foe, or poser?

ID: 1249456

8. How often do you change the sheets in your coffin?

ID: 1249591

9. What are the drink specials like at Fangtasia?

ID: 1249476

10. Do you find being that pale limits your fashion options?

ID: 1250026

11. Has immortality made you a more confident dancer?

ID: 1249537

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