The Best Moments Of Game Of Thrones Season 2

The battle for the throne in Westeros has become an all-out war, and kings are dropping left and right. But some of the season’s most shocking moments came in between the fighting. Check out a few of our favorites in GIF form.

1. Season 2! We finally caught up with what all of our favorite characters from Season 1 were up to.

Well, almost all of them.

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2. And we made some new friends.

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5. The Watch began their journey north with a visit to Craster’s Keep, and Craster didn’t exactly love Jon.

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6. Sam continued to be hilarious.

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7. Dany bonded with her new babies.

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8. Joffrey continued his reign, but he was still being owned by Tyrion.

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10. Cersei continued to be a boss too.

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11. Renly also fancied himself a king.

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12. And Stannis. Kings everywhere!

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13. Don’t forget the King in the North.

ID: 872985

14. King Robb was crushing hard on this one girl.

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16. Grey Wind got pretty big, as a captive Jaime Lannister discovered.

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17. Theon got punked by his sister, and he was NOT happy.

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18. Arya just got more and more lovable and rocked a new haircut.

ID: 872371

19. Gendry was cute when he found out who Arya really is.

ID: 873493

20. But her real new bestie is Jaqen.

ID: 873500

22. We finally got to hear this gem.

ID: 872353

23. And this gem.

ID: 873036

24. Tyrion really didn’t take crap from anybody.

ID: 872132

25. Shae taught us some valuable life lessons.

ID: 872025

27. Sansa really knows how to properly sass the higher-ups in Joffrey’s court.

ID: 872150

29. Jon’s journey north didn’t end so well.

ID: 872872

30. Dany’s dream in the House of the Undying was pretty nuts.

ID: 872463

31. And The Battle of Blackwater was insane!

ID: 872779

32. Tyrion’s speech at the crux of the battle was inspired.

ID: 737563

33. And at the very end, we got our first glimpse of a White Walker, in the (dead) flesh!

ID: 737565

34. It all makes sense!

ID: 872008

36. We don’t have nearly enough room for all the awesome moments. You’ll have to go back and watch it again before season 3! Season 2 of Game of Thrones, available now on Blu-ray™, DVD, and via iTunes!

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