12 Lyrics That Perfectly Describe Instagram Problems

From TMI pics to filter decisions.

1. When you really want to Instagram but you can’t find your phone.


ID: 3444339

2. When you know somebody’s life on Insta doesn’t look that cool.

ID: 3461928

3. When jealous people keep stalking your Instagram.

ID: 3462229

4. When you seriously just CAN’T pick a filter.

ID: 3461327

5. When your family posts TMI Instagrams.


ID: 3449740

6. When people will NOT stop commenting on your pics.

ID: 3450735

7. When someone is basically catfishing you with their pics.

ID: 3462012

8. When someone posts a pic of you that you definitely DON’T WANT on Instagram.

ID: 3459449

9. When someone you want to stalk on Instagram has a private account.

ID: 3459857

10. When people keep bragging about their swag in their feed.

ID: 3461956

11. When your bae looks way cuter in person than they do on Instagram.

ID: 3460100

12. Living in fear that your dirty Instagrams will get you banned (or, you know, you could just not post them?)

ID: 3460032

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