35 Times North West Had The Answer To Everything

This face is worth a thousand memes.

1. When someone is trying to talk to you before you’ve had your coffee.

ID: 3587224

2. When you’re stuck in a group text with your parents.

OMG Mom and Dad please make the grocery list in ANOTHER TEXT CHAIN.

ID: 3586033

3. When you’re at Chipotle ordering the best-looking burrito of your whole damn life.

ID: 3585818

4. When nobody’s responding to any of your texts.

ID: 3587564

5. When your significant other won’t share their french fries with you.

ID: 3587315

6. When your crush compliments your haircut.

ID: 3589596

7. When someone eats the last of your leftovers from the fridge.

ID: 3586023

8. When you’ve exhausted the snooze button allowance.

ID: 3587238

9. When you think your crush is waving at you but it’s really at someone behind you.

ID: 3587551

10. When you see someone in your feed blatantly subtweeting you.

Ummmmmmm. No.

ID: 3586059

11. When you’re talking in a group of people and nobody is paying attention to you.

ID: 3586088

12. When you’re at a restaurant and your date leaves a lousy tip.

ID: 3589358

13. When your parents sign up for Facebook.

ID: 3589337

14. When you’re at the club and your awkward friend does “The Sprinkler.”

Did that just happen?

ID: 3589514

15. When someone cuts in line in front of you.

ID: 3587624

16. When you’re being self-deprecating and somebody agrees with you.

ID: 3587752

17. When someone spoils last night’s Game of Thrones before you watched it.

ID: 3585773

18. When the DJ is playing ALL your jams.

ID: 3586002

19. When you catch someone checking you out.

I’m sorry, did you need something?

ID: 3585734

20. When some rude person you don’t know is sliding into your mentions.

Can you not?

ID: 3587764

21. When you see someone you hate wearing the exact same outfit as you.

ID: 3586097

22. When your significant other brings you breakfast in bed.

ID: 3589626

23. When your BFF cancels plans with you.

What. Are. You. Doing?

ID: 3586490

24. When you get fewer than 10 likes on Instagram.

ID: 3587326

25. When you catch someone flirting with your significant other.

Um, excuse me?

ID: 3587620

26. When you just can’t even.

ID: 3586067

27. When you’re in bed and your phone is just out of reach.

ID: 3587260

28. When someone keeps bugging you and doesn’t take a hint.

ID: 3585740

29. When you walk in on someone drinking from the milk jug.

How old are you?

ID: 3587777

30. When you finish a batch of pancakes and realize you’re fresh out of syrup.

ID: 3587571

31. When your work nemesis upstages you in a meeting.

ID: 3587900

32. When you’re wearing your favorite new shirt and no one notices.

ID: 3587951

33. When no one else at the table wants to order dessert.

ID: 3588313

34. When the person next to you in the bathroom doesn’t wash their hands.

ID: 3588381

35. When you eat a whole pizza at 2 a.m.

ID: 3587211

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