15 Reasons Why Ariana Grande Is Basically Tumblr

Ariana, is JustGirlyThings YOUR Tumblr?

1. She’s just so weird.

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2. She knows that Tumblr can CONSUME YOUR LIFE.



ID: 3185077

3. She lives for the simple things, like kitties to cuddle with.

ID: 3185238

4. Boys have this strange ability to steal her heart.

ID: 3185325

BOYS! Spill your secrets! What is this sorcery?!

ID: 3185332

5. She values a perfect beauty game.

Flawless lipstick? Check.

ID: 3185385

6. She knows everyone gets insecure, no matter how perfect they may seem.

You get it Ariana.

ID: 3185446

7. She’s the queen of cracking up.


Oh my gawd Ariana control yourself girl.

ID: 3185611

8. She appreciates a good hair bow.

ID: 3186376

9. She thinks Times Square is magical.

Not a commercial tourist trap.

ID: 3187190

10. In her world, friendships are solidified with cupcakes.

ID: 3187169

11. She’s all about making the summer as fun as possible.

ID: 3186396

12. She knows when she deserves better.

Problem boys can TAKE A WALK.

ID: 3186444

13. Being a princess? Now that’s the dream.

ID: 3186748

14. She loves a good selfie.

ID: 3187010

15. I mean…come on.

ID: 3186785

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