29 Reasons Why Music Is Doomed

We’re screwed.

1. Because Justin Bieber doesn’t know how to use headphones.

They’re not plugged in.

2. Because this person doesn’t know who Beyoncé is.

3. And this girl missed the point of TLC.

4. Because Drake is evidently Spiderman’s uncle.


5. Because of this Ellie Goulding creep…

7. …and “The Girl With the Drake Tattoo.”

8. Because men are afraid of women who love Fiona Apple’s “Criminal.”

9. Because this is what Target thinks “on the verge” means.

10. Because finding a song has never been harder.

11. Because…wait, what?

12. Because Feat. is the most popular artist these days.

13. Because dads need to step AWAY from the christmas music.

14. Because, just, SMH.

15. Because people actually think this.


16. Because people get Baytoven all wrong.

18. Because Rihanna makes this happen.

19. Because of One Direction fan art.

20. Because Iggy Azalea named herself like this.

21. Because of The Pussycat Dolls’ insensitivity.

22. Because electronic music is “Robot Diarrhea.”

23. Because apparently Metallica YOLO’d first.

25. Because everyone is begging to be a DJ, no matter the situation.

26. Because people need to WAKE UP and understand The Illuminati.

27. Because music started in…1910?

28. Because people want Skrillex ukelele covers.


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