10 Instagrams You Need To Do This Summer

Your summer will be crazy busy so we’ve found 10 quiet instagrammable moments you need to have to keep you sane (and remember: even Brad Pitt had to dress up like a chicken at his summer job). Grab a drink, a pack of HEARTBREAKERS and play it like these guys in the sun. They’re doing summer right.

10. Hot dog legs.

Are they legs or hot dogs? Honestly, who cares. You had to go outside in the sun to take both of those photos. Remember outside? It’s the place you forgot in February.

9. Blue sky

Make sure you find some streaky clouds so it’s clearly not just a blue duvet you hung up in the lounge.

8. Green grass

If you’re going to the effort to frolic you want people to know you frolicked. If a tree falls in the forest…

7. Cat on a thing

Just any cat, really. If you find one lolling about in a sunbeam though you get an A+ on your summer report.

6. Friend on a thing

If you’ve never pretended to hover above something can you truly say you’ve done summer correctly?

5. Thing on a thing

If you go a whole summer without finding a ladybird on a thing we may as well all go home.

4. Laptop in a dark room

Sometimes you do summer so hard you just need to hide your burnt face behind some Arrested Development.

3. Greatest thing

Just. Just look at that. You lined up behind 50 kids and their grandmas to get this thing.

2. Saddest thing

This special code on the pavement means someone went home in tears.

1. Sweetest thing

What else are you going to eat while looking at blue skies, green grass, and things on things?

To find out how HEARTBREAKERS can sweeten your summer: suck on our video and see.

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