10 Reasons Chinchillas Are Super Cute

Chinchillas are amazing pets, but they’re also unbelievably cute. Obviously.

1. They’re just so darn fluffy…

ID: 1613309

2. They kiss to reassure each other…

ID: 1613866

3. They just LOVE to snuggle up…

ID: 1613891

4. They love a good book…

ID: 1613905

5. They’re always ready to bounce…

ID: 1613914

6. They’re always smiling :-)

ID: 1613929

7. They’re very musical…

ID: 1613941

8. They’re ridiculously photogenic (and they know it)…

ID: 1613965

9. They’re even cute inside…

ID: 1613971

10. It’s worth repeating: they’re just so darn fluffy!

ID: 1613979

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