5 Of The Original Pitches For 5 Awesome TV Shows

Before they became pop-culture hits, there was just a creator and an idea.

1. Friends (aka “Insomnia Cafe”)

This is how Marta Kauffman and David Crane pitched the show to NBC:

2. The Muppets Show

This is a thing of joy (eyes peeled for a glimpse of Kermit’s mum) - but actually, it didn’t work: all the US networks passed it up, it was only once it was picked up by ATV in the UK and became a success over there, that it got syndicated by CBS.


3. The Wire

The genius of David Simon (check out the full first season ‘bible’ here)

4. Freaks & Geeks: an extract from Paul Feig’s original series bible and a pretty accurate summation of high school life

High school was about survival. And it still is.

It’s about avoiding getting beaten up or humiliated or in trouble or even
drawing attention to yourself if you can help it. Because for most of us,
attention only brought persecution. I

5. Star Trek

This is Gene Rodenberry’s brilliantly bonkers outline for the show from 1964. It’s worth reading the full document - if only to discover that Captain Kirk was originally going to be called Robert April.

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