25 Photos To Prove That The Westie Is King Of Instagram

Dogs of Instagram, kneel before your king.

1. This is a West Highland White Terrier, also known as a westie.

ID: 3698048

2. The westie looks beautiful through any filter.

ID: 3698088

3. Among the many dogs of Instagram, the westie reigns supreme.

ID: 3698455

4. The westie can often be found in highly Instagrammable settings.

ID: 3698465

5. Such as gardens.

ID: 3698152

6. And meadows.

ID: 3698482

7. And woodsy areas.

ID: 3698173

8. And playing nicely with babies.

ID: 3698494

9. The westie is not a llama, but it shares many of the llama’s most excellent characteristics.

ID: 3698044

10. The westie looks delightful covered in mud.

ID: 3698515

11. And also in the bath.

ID: 3698323

12. The westie looks adorable while sitting.

ID: 3698218

13. And walking.

ID: 3698224

14. And running.

ID: 3698228

15. And running really fast.

ID: 3698268

16. Westies can rock all kinds of hairstyles.

ID: 3698257

17. Westies look good with other westies.

ID: 3698303

18. Particularly while wearing matching outfits.

ID: 3698364

19. A westie can brighten up any room.

ID: 3698311

20. It has a truly excellent yawn.

ID: 3698329

21. And can make your work much, much cuter.

ID: 3698315

22. All they have to do is look at you like this.

ID: 3698317

23. Or this.

ID: 3698366

24. Or this.

ID: 3698319

25. All hail the westie, King of Instagram!

ID: 3698567

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Hannah Jewell is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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