29 Completely Exhausting Tasks For Tired People

Reaching slightly for something shouldn’t be this hard.

1. Getting dressed.

Walt Disney Productions / Via gifsoup.com / Hannah Jewell

Especially if your clothes involve multiple buttons. Too exhausting. Make it stop.

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2. Getting undressed.

Sony Pictures Television

Who even invented skinny jeans.

ID: 3449737

3. Listening to a voicemail.

Hemdale Film Corporation / Via giphy.com

Who leaves voicemails? The kinds of people who invented skinny jeans, that’s who.

ID: 3447524

4. Putting on a duvet cover.

BBC / Via giphy.com

What is even the point. Why must a bedding itself be so exhausting.

ID: 3447590

5. Waiting for a train for more than 30 seconds.

As if my day weren’t interminable enough.

ID: 3450359

6. Walking in a crowd.

NBC / Via google.co.uk

Sleep. Must find sleep. All of these people. They are not sleep.

ID: 3447552

7. Riding the bus.

Universal Pictures / Via google.co.uk

Stare. Just stare until it’s over.

ID: 3449631

8. Waiting for water to boil.

Via ThinkStock / Twitter: @madisonmangine

So right, Madison.

ID: 3456923

9. Washing a single mug.

This will just be my dirty mug. I’ll use it for dirty things. Oh god I’m so tired.

ID: 3447551

10. Employment.

20th Century Fox / Via drizly.com

I’m lucky to have a job. I’m lucky to have a job. I’m lucky to have a job.

ID: 3448168

11. Meeting someone new.

NBC / Via giphy.com

Is there anything more fundamentally exhausting than being pleasant?

ID: 3447548

12. Spilling a drink and having to clear it up immediately.

Adding to the list of horrible things that must be dealt with before the sweet, sweet relief of a long and dreamless sleep.

ID: 3447555

13. Reaching slightly for something.

Just, fuck it. I’ll sleep with the TV on.

ID: 3447598

14. Answering the question: “How was your day?”

Screen Gems / Via giphy.com

It was fine. Just fine.

ID: 3447556

15. Finding your phone charger.

Let it die. Just let it die.

ID: 3448219

16. Responding to a simple email request.


ID: 3449364

17. Shaving any part of your body.

Via giphy.com / Hannah Jewell

Nope, don’t have to.

ID: 3447572

18. Removing makeup.

The wiping, the washing, the horror, the horror. I’ll just leave it. It will be tomorrow’s makeup.

ID: 3447567

19. Brushing your teeth.

New Line Cinema / Via giphy.com

Too much standing up, too much walking to the bathroom, too much tired.

ID: 3447545

20. Feeding a loved one.

Via 9to5gifs.com / Hannah Jewell

Nope nope nope.

ID: 3447575

21. Feeding your pet.

Find a child to do that shit for you.

ID: 3450399

22. Feeding yourself.

ABC / Via giphy.com

Sometimes even microwaving soup is too much.

ID: 3447577

23. Waiting for things to load.

The absolute, most exhausting worst.

ID: 3454105

24. Standing.

Standing is too hard. When you’re standing, you want to be sitting.

ID: 3447681

25. Sitting.

Sitting is still too hard. When you’re sitting, you want to be lying down.

ID: 3448067

26. Lying down.

4Kids Entertainment, The Pokémon Company / Via giphy.com

When you are lying down, it is still somehow exhausting.

ID: 3448105

27. Sex.

Oh well.

ID: 3453282

28. Doing things.

FOX / Via google.co.uk

Things are the worst.

ID: 3447988

29. And finally, actually trying to sleep.

Somehow the most exhausting task of all.

ID: 3457171

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Hannah Jewell is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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