21 Signs You Were Raised By Lawyers

It wasn’t a home, it was a legal pad.

1. Debate is not a sport for you, it is the sport.

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2. You have known your Miranda Rights by heart since you could talk.

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3. You always went on “educational” vacations.

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You want to go to Mexico with your friends? Too bad.

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4. You drive your friends crazy when you call out all the mistakes made in Law and Order: SVU.

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5. You have no idea what it’s like to get in a screaming match.

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In your house, no matter how angry, a person spoke calmly, clearly, and pointedly.

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6. You don’t simply complain about poor services or inconveniences.

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7. You’ve always had free representation at traffic hearings, where you obviously fought the ticket.

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Pro tip: if you bring a lawyer, you get to cut the line.

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8. You are very familiar with the use of (sc)air quotes.

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“Hypothetically” speaking of course.

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9. The prospect of going to small claims court excites you.


There is no claim to small, no amount too trivial.

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10. You want to object whenever someone says something ignorant in class.

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11. Scrabble is your family’s go-to game.

And it’s deadly serious.

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12. You don’t even bother asking if your friends can sleep over.

Liability is the first of many issues on your parents’ list.

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13. Your glove compartment is always locked.

Get ‘em Jay.

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14. Your parents marked up any and all documents.

This is essentially what your first grade field trip forms looked like.

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15. You were taught the vast difference between reasonable suspicion and probable cause.

Nice try, coppers!

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16. Your date can expect more than just the usual cross-examination.


“If you’ll just bear with me, I have a few questions.”

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17. You’re the HR’s worst nightmare.

You may even be the HR person.

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18. There is literally nothing more exciting when someone calls a surprise witness.

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19. You always had the last laugh with the bullies.

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“I’m telling my mom on you” had a much deeper, scarier meaning.

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20. You’re well versed in “Legal Latin.”

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in flagrante delicto
Syllabification: in fla·gran·te de·lic·to
Pronunciation: /ˌin fləˈgräntā dəˈliktō, fləˈgrantē
Definition: in the very act of wrongdoing.

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21. You are physically incapable of keeping your opinions to yourself.

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You’re not arguing, you am simply explaining why you’re right.

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