22 Reasons Why Swedish House Mafia Desperately Needs To Get Back Together

Don’t you worry child, SHM has got a plan for you.

1. They’ve been friends for ages, and that connection shows in their music.

Jeff Kravitz/Contributor / Getty Images

Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso met when they were 7 in Stockholm, and Axwell joined them later after a chance meeting.

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2. There isn’t a weak link among them.


Tony Woolliscroft/Stringer / Getty Images

Sebastian Ingrosso

Ollie Millington/Contributor / Getty Images

Steve Angello

Tony Woolliscroft/Stringer / Getty Images


From Left:
Axwell remixed “In My Mind” by Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl ft. Georgi Kay.
Sebastian Ingrosso produced “Calling (Lose My Mind)” with Alesso.
Steve Angello remixed “The Island” by Pendulum with AN21 and Max Vangeli.

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3. They were born to make music.

Baby Steve knew his musical destiny at the tender age of 1.

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4. They made the coolest music videos.

Who else could transport you to a future, utopian racetrack?

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5. You couldn’t contain your excitement when you saw those infamous three circles.

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6. They’re really goofy and endearing.

Who doesn’t love bothering strangers in an elevator?

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Particularly Axwell.

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7. They knew how to make a grand entrance.

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8. Steve Angello is a modern day philosopher.

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Steve Angello / Via

Steve Angello / Via

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9. Every one of their shows included a unique shout-out.

Steve Russell/Contributor / Getty Images

At every stop on their tour they showed their local fans just how much they loved them.

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They flew native flags at every stop!

They may be Swedish, but you can feel their international love.

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10. Axwell knows what’s important in life.

Studio time isn’t used for the speakers. It’s for the food.

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11. They were masters at remixing an artist with a totally different sound and making it their own.

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Their twist on “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” by Coldplay made your heart go 128 bpm.

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12. And their cross-genre collaborations were sweet too.

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Is there anything they can’t do? No.

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13. They couldn’t care less about celebrity status.

Take One / Via youtube.com
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14. Their stage set-ups were unbelievable.

David Wolff - Patrick/Contributor / Getty Images
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David Wolff - Patrick/Contributor / Getty Images

David Wolff - Patrick/Contributor / Getty Images


Swedish House Mafia played on a gigantic, convex platform outfitted entirely with video screens. The three-tier stage towered over the crowds so that no matter where you were in the venue, it felt like the front row.

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15. They had so much fun working in a studio together.

And that’s how music is made, ladies and gentlemen.

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16. They loved their fans.

Before Swedish House Mafia took the stage for the last time they used 20 billion pixel camera to take a photo of the crowd. The image was so in depth that fans were able to tag themselves in it, no matter where they were.

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17. Axwell always looks ridiculous when he DJs.

Oh, and also adorable.

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18. He was totally in on the joke, too.

“Brooklyn I’m all dressed up and ready for you!”

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19. They instilled confidence in you.

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20. They had the coolest friends.

David Guetta and Chuckie? Life’s not fair.

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21. They made you feel safe.

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22. They loved each other, and we loved them too.

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Two years ago, Swedish House Mafia announced that they had decided to break up and each go their separate ways.

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This March, Leave The World Behind, a documentary of their last tour, will premiere.

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