21 Reasons Why The WWEClassics Facebook Page Is The Best Thing Ever

Are you a wrestling fan? You may or may not be aware of this official WWE Facebook page that is pretty much the greatest thing in wrestling. is a site devoted to older wrestling content, and their official Facebook page is devoted to being awesome.

1. Their collection of El Gigante cards

Because El Gigante is the best.

2. ECW reunions at WWE events


3. ECW Reunions in the office

4. Sharing rare photos of unique fashion statements…

6. Wrestlers playing with their own figures.

That’s a Maximum Sweat figure… GROSS.

7. Scott Steiner in a fanny pack.

8. They wear Zubaz…

9. Showing rare photos of total bros like these guys…

10. Buff Bagwell duckface…

11. This photo.

12. Heated debates about crucial wrestling topics…

We already made it clear, El Gigante is the best.

13. This photo of men taking a break from work…

14. These gentlemen out for a ride.

15. They give you a glimpse of their workspace.

CM Punk and Roddy Piper swapped shirts. Mind. BLOWN.

16. Their official mascot is an action figure…

They call him Warrior…

17. The Warrior toy has some really meta encounters…

18. He knows the secrets of making old Nintendo games work…

19. Warrior understands the value of keeping toys in the box.

20. He can eat 20 year old gum and feel just fine.

21. Warrior has a team backing him up…

Apparently they are some sort of A-Team.

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