13 Tips To Make Any Situation Cool

Pull on your parkas, compadres — it’s about to get straight-up Mentho-Lyptical in here. Refresh your day with the powerfully cool sensation of HALLS.

1. Learn how to make an entrance.

2. Wear an awesome t-shirt.

Todd McCann / CC BY http://2.0 / flickr.com/toddmccann/7490208296/in/photolist-cpTgYm-5eks6a-9n5Ce1-9mNtqX-9qnuoj-9grPFP-9pzvws-9gFdrA-9fxhJn-9gFqXG-t2YK5-9gsBBb-5q6qfS-6sM8rK-6GzGsD-peCXka-9hbiyG-8hVWKZ-73o3HH-g1ZdBT-9gmpqB-9fn38Z-9ie1

3. Don’t look at explosions.

4. Drink outside of the box.

Chris Waits / CC BY http://2.0 / flickr.com/chriswaits/8785119291/in/photolist-PoRms-avHJM5-8QQKjc-o7r5vf-7UP2uf-eoj2TZ-d2yMJ-7vEzG9-6JKwkJ-ntK9kF-9zVNSG-8wkj1a-7XtyXu-3p98q7-hjuh4C-cZ3hRh-rPAAG-8ZEGqx-5foxQS-3p98fQ-nL4xyL-m5w4Ag-m7XCHZ

5. Get a jet ski.

7. Dance like nobody’s watching.

8. Never lose your cool.

9. Invest in a skateboard.

10. Break this open.

Craig Dugas / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / flickr.com/crd/2340813797/in/photolist-4yRhoz-8hkJXT-jNC6E-hzXPeE-dy6mq-9bjPQm-89Hu5a-iT2wFw-dkF14a-4EmYVz-5akPyA-8nnkH5-6LHQpz-dmY5QB-bb3f8k-5pQsuE-4ZocAY-7qYxA8-4fD36m-hhSeBQ-pSjimZ-pzV9Fj-ft1Efu-fs

11. Learn how to do this.

12. Make daring fashion choices.

13. Always exit with style.

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