15 Of The Most Powerfully Cool Gifs

If you like the powerfully cool sensation you get from HALLS, you’ll love these powerfully cool GIFs. Scroll down to feel an unexpected, cool wind blow through the Internets.

1. This super slick snowboarder.

ID: 819168

2. This epic sax kid and his amazing moves.

ID: 819306

3. This placid pup who knows how to swing.

ID: 819603

4. This ice-cold insta-blizzard that nobody expected.

ID: 819238

5. The guy from the HALLS commercial.

Will Herring
ID: 818951

6. This high-flying tot who defies space and time.

ID: 819280

7. This clueless cannonballer going for a winter swim.

ID: 819442

8. This snowman who just didn’t see it coming.

ID: 819591

9. This intergalactic evildoer enjoying a quaint day out at Disney.

ID: 819418

10. This multi-talented Husky who was born on the dance floor.

ID: 819378

11. This cool kitty cat who didn’t see you come in.

ID: 819158

12. This shameless ice cream aficionado.

ID: 818948

13. This snowy Shiba playing hide and seek.

ID: 819666

14. This boarder who really knows how to ball, and vice versa.

ID: 819654

15. This clumsy backflipper and his faceful of frost.

ID: 832587

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