New "Iron Man 3" Teaser Trailer Breakdown

With a full trailer immanent, that Marvel lot decided to decided to release a sneak peek clocking in at 18 seconds.

1. Watch it for yourself…

ID: 651463

2. Now, here’s the breakdown

First up, here’s the man himself, Tony Stark. Big Tony. The Starkster. Ok, I’ll stop.

ID: 651380

And he’s swarmed by media. Quite normal for him, they’re probably asking about that Manhattan Island snafu.

ID: 651399

Now the new suit. He’s been playing around with the colour schemes. I’m partial to a bit of hot pink.

ID: 651403

Helicopters. Standard.

ID: 651404

Another shot of the Iron Bro sporting a snazzy haircut.

ID: 651406

Who is this guy? Doesn’t matter, Stark has a better haircut (see above).

ID: 651407

Pepper is some kind of pain. Still grieving over Coulson. I feel that hurt.

ID: 651410

AND ACTION SHOT. Felix Baumgartner and friends in peril.

ID: 651411

So, thats the teaser. Full length trailer out on the 23rd! TUESDAY! TUESDAY! TUESDAY!

ID: 651412

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