The Most Incredible Roadside Sights And Attractions

Fact may well be stranger than fiction, especially when you’re on the road. Check out these amazing sights from across America and see what the Mystery Shack, another incredible roadside stop holds, on Gravity Falls on Disney Channel!

1. A hip but nearsighted pink elephant (Deforest, WI)

Aaron Leavy / Via Flickr: aaronleavy

2. A giant troll who stole someone’s car (Seattle, WA)

Rachel Dale / Via Flickr: rdale

3. The mysterious thing? (Benson, Arizona)

4. A mailbox used to communicate with aliens (Rachel, NV)

Dane Bjorklund

5. A house made entirely of dinosaur fossils (Medicine Bow, WY)

6. A statue of the mystical Mothman creature (Point Pleasant, WV)

7. A ranch that grows Cadillacs (Amarillo, Texas)

Andrey Bayda / Via

8. A luxury boutique planted in the middle of the desert (Marfa, TX)

Andy Price / Via Flickr: andyprice

9. A Dogigator (dog/alligator) named Darrel

10. A mysterious house stuck in a warping vortex (Gold Hill, Oregon)

11. The world’s largest ball of yarn (Bozeman, MT)

Kirk Olson / Via Flickr: kirkols

12. A statue of strange animal called a Hodag (Rhinelander, WI)

Lanyap / Via Flickr: fluckr

Inspired by the Gravity Falls Mystery Shack and its many wonders:

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