18 Working Animals Who Totally Deserve A Raise

No matter how hard you work, sometimes you just can’t catch a break, even when you walk on four legs. Get to know Waddles the business pig in Gravity Falls on Disney Channel.

Inspired by Waddles, a very hard working pig

2. This prairie dog who is multitasking like a champ

4. This dog who just can’t look at this spreadsheet for one second longer

6. This cat who can’t believe how long this meeting is lasting

8. This cat who’s dreaming about his next vacation

10. This dog whose editor refuses to extend his deadline

Via http://SeeStanBlog.com

12. This gorilla who cannot believe the caterers have not arrived at the venue yet

15. This bunny who just needs to kick his feet up for a few

17. This cat who can’t believe he got out of bed for this

Oh well, it’s almost Friday, let’s get out of here!

Get to know Waddles, the business pig in a new episode of Gravity Falls, ‘Summerween”, premiering this Friday, 10/5 at 9:00p/8:00c on Disney Channel.

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