17 Gravity Falls GIFs To Brighten Up Your Day

Does your day totally stink? Turn that frown upside down and keep the joy in your heart with new episodes of Gravity Falls on Disney Channel.

1. Ready? Let’s go!

ID: 598461

2. First, pinpoint what’s making you feel like your head is gonna blow up

ID: 598495

3. Did you eat something that isn’t sitting well?

ID: 598450

4. Get in a fight with your best friend?

ID: 598456

5. Or even worse: have a run-in with your nemesis?

ID: 598523

6. Whatever it was, don’t be sad…

ID: 598546

7. …and throw that bad attitude out the window!

ID: 598552

8. Because you can turn that frown upside down! Just hug it out…

ID: 602428

9. …do a little dance

ID: 602254

10. …or spend some time enjoying the great outdoors.

ID: 602463

11. You could also pay yourself a nice compliment…

ID: 602110

12. …or snuggle up with your best (animal) friend.

ID: 602424

13. Remember: things are usually better than they seem…

ID: 598563

14. …and Friday is just a few days away.

ID: 598426

15. Rejoice!

ID: 598576

16. Get excited!

ID: 602144

17. And go on with your bad self.

Don’t miss “Little Dipper”, the newest episode of Gravity Falls, premiering on Friday, 9/28 at 9:00p/8:00c on the Disney Channel.

ID: 598592

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