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    • gratela

      Even if their clothes were dirt cheap and their CEO was Santa Claus, they would still be going out of business because they don’t know how to move forward with fashion. Teenage girls these days want to look expressive and colorful, not plain Jane. A&F is soooo 90’s and early 2000’s. Come on, your clothes can’t be a decade out of style and still sell. The kids that wore the “preppy fashion” they are still trying to market are in their late 20’s-30’s now! No one dresses like that anymore. Stores like Forever 21 and H&M are blowing up because they have a vast variety of styles and new trends. It’s only a bonus that they’re both inexpensive stores and their CEO’s aren’t 70 year old rubber chicken necks bullying teenagers. Stick this old bag of farts in the nursing home where he can sit around and dream about the days where he looked like an actual human being.