23 Reasons Blackpool Beats Every Other UK Seaside Town

You can keep your castle, Scarborough.

1. For starters, the tower.

Blackpool Tower is probably the world’s greatest tower within a mile of the sea. Even if it is knock-off, it’s a superb knock-off. Paris is just being greedy with those extra 166 metres.

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2. The ballroom at the tower has been used in Strictly Come Dancing.

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The final of the show was held in the Tower Ballroom between 2009 and 2011.

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3. The view from the top isn’t bad either.

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4. Blackpool has three piers.


Take that, Brighton.

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5. And clearly the best pleasure beach.

Suck it, Great Yarmouth.

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6. With proper wooden rollercoasters.

The Big Dipper was built in 1923, and Richard Rodriguez rode it for 2,000 hours in 2000 to break his own Guinness World Record.

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7. Not forgetting the Big One.

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8. The nightlife may not be very classy, but it’s certainly fun.

Dougie Wallace / Stags, Hens and Bunnies – A Blackpool Story / Hoxton Gallery
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9. And there’s nowhere better to hold your hen do.

Dougie Wallace / Stags, Hens and Bunnies – A Blackpool Story / Hoxton Gallery
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10. But even Blackpool is too classy for this lot.

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty

Blackpool Council recently refused to allow an episode of Geordie Shore to be filmed in the town.

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11. It’s got proper-sized arcades.

Shove it, Eastbourne.

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12. It turned an art-deco cinema into what is now one of the largest all-male burlesque shows in the country.

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13. And is the true home of rock.

No matter what Brian May has to say about Brighton.

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14. If you’re feeling peckish, nowhere does fish and chips like Blackpool.

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15. It’s home to the Empress Ballroom.

The beautiful Victorian ballroom is part of the Grade II-listed Winter Gardens complex.

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16. Which was the location for The White Stripes’ Under Blackpool Lights DVD.

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The venue has also hosted Queen, Radiohead, The Flaming Lips, and many others.

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17. And where Arcade Fire made this bizarre entrance when they played there last year.

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18. Then there’s the darts.

The Empress Ballroom has hosted the World Matchplay darts tournament every year since 1994.

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19. Blackpool Zoo.

Huskidoo / Thinkstock
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20. Stanley Park.

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21. And the Sandcastle. With its 18 slides.

It’s the best place to host childhood birthday parties. And most grown-up birthday parties too.

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22. And let’s not forget the illuminations, which are basically Christmas lights on steroids.

The Blackpool illuminations get switched on during the last weekend of August and run for most of the winter.

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23. How can anywhere else compete?

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