16 Ways Ryan Gosling Wants You To Have An Awesome School Year

Hey girl, bookmark this page and let Ryan Gosling guide you through the school year.

1. Going back to school soon.

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2. Ugh, textbooks are so expensive.

Aw, thanks Ryan.

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3. First day of class.

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4. No. Motivation. To. Work. Out.

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Oh, okay.

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5. Time to study for midterms already?

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No worries, he’s a great study buddy.

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6. Why are they always on the same day?

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7. Time for that first test.

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8. …and you did it! Now it’s time to relax.

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9. Avoid flu season by staying healthy.

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10. Oh no, you got assigned a paper?

Brainstorm, and then get to writing.

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11. Keep writing!

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12. Yeah! You finished it!

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13. Now take some time to see your friends and relax.

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14. You have just one more hurdle to jump: finals.

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He’s a little distracting, but he makes up for it by telling you about all the best study tools.

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15. So study hard.

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16. Because you and Ryan both know it:

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Want more study motivation? Sign up for Boundless online textbooks. to get study reminders. And for more Gosling motivation, bookmark this all-Gosling-all-the-time widget.

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