Can You Make It Through This Post Without Feeling Exhilarated?

GAME ON. See if your senses can withstand the intensity of these eye-popping, mouth-watering, extreme action GIFs, inspired by the best feelings in the world.

1. Ready?

ID: 1641916


ID: 1641921

3. Imagine the smell of the mountain air as you jump off.

ID: 1641999

4. And fly.

ID: 1642037

5. Imagine hitting the crisp waters after a long jump.

ID: 1722611

6. Imagine the first mouthful of this delicious chocolate thing.

ID: 1724172

7. Now envision a blaze of fireworks behind the Eiffel Tower at midnight.

ID: 1641943

8. Now imagine that in COLOR.

ID: 1724183

9. Can you smell the pine as you soar through the air on a sunny day?

Srachi / Via
ID: 1669349

10. Maybe you’d rather be smelling the sizzle of french fries?

ID: 1722869

11. Is this guy going to land all of these flips?

ID: 1642099

12. Is this wakeboarder going to land on this wake?

ID: 1723025

13. Imagine a refreshingly cool rain dripping off your fingertips during a moonlit walk.

ID: 1642156

14. Now, imagine you’re free falling from 10,000 feet.

ID: 1650108

15. Now think about catching some air on your skis.

ID: 1655633

16. How about smelling some sizzling bacon on a skillet?

ID: 1722878

17. Maybe you like the feeling of the surf crashing overhead as you try to outrun it.

ID: 1723006

18. Don’t look down.

ID: 1724117

19. Maybe you like the sight of melty salted caramel on your apples?

ID: 1723110

20. Maybe you like the sight of the earth rapidly approaching?

ID: 1724068

21. Maybe you like the surprise of something bright and unexpected.

ID: 1724240

22. Or maybe you just like the thrill of the unknown.

ID: 1724053

23. So?

ID: 1655881

24. Do you feel exhilarated?

ID: 1655599

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