20 Things That Only People Afraid Of Insects Will Understand

What’s the point to dragonflies’ existence anyway? Raise your hand if you’re an entomophobe.

1. More than four legs = monster.

You love pets! As long as they have four legs or fewer.

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2. The grossness is directly proportional to the number of legs and the hairiness.

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3. Flying/jumping ability = 10 more Scary Points.

Isn’t walking on walls just enough?

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4. It surely cannot be more afraid of you than you are of it.

They are scary, you’re not. You’re lovely.

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5. Of course they intentionally do so.

They have a mischievous mind, designed to plot evil surprise attacks.

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6. Screaming is a perfectly natural and acceptable reaction.

A couple tears are also justified.

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7. While laughing at someone scared is very rude.

Shame on you! We wish you to eat a bee or something like that. Then we’ll see who’s laughing.

Sheri Guyse / Via Flickr: sheri_guyse
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8. And getting angry is just irrational.

How can someone blame a victim while that hideous beast is probably planning the next attack?

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9. If it doesn’t bite, that doesn’t necessarily means it’s harmless.

That’s not the point anyway.

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10. There isn’t a “right” way to tell you an insect is near/on/above you.

Truth hurts.

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11. There’s only one thing to do. Kill it! Kill it now!

Kill it before it kills us!

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12. Even if it’s dead, it’s still dreadful and scary and please don’t let it anywhere near me.

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13. When it comes to spiders, size really doesn’t matter.

Even the tiniest one can make a woman scream.

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14. Spiders don’t bring any luck.

Those are four-leaved clovers. But if you find one, don’t pick it up, a spider could be hiding underneath…

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15. They do bring fear and panic and a sense of itch on your whole body.

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16. As soon as you see an insect you can feel it on your skin.


FX / Via giphy.com
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17. The only thing worse than seeing a spider is losing sight of it.

You know it’s there but…where exactly? I dare you to sleep now.

20th Century Fox / Via atotalmisreadingof.tumblr.com
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18. Moths are not “just butterflies.”

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19. …As if butterflies were cute.

Don’t let their colorful wings deceive you.

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20. Insect-eating animals and plants are a gift from Mother Nature.

But since she’s the one who gave us insects and spiders in the first place, we feel like she owes us.
Let’s say she gives us unicorns and we’ll be even.

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