Capital One Is In A Steamy Relationship On Twitter

@AskCapitalOne replies to @Gigglechick

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@gigglechick We can't quit you! ^JD

— Capital One (@AskCapitalOne)
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@AskCapitalOne I'm not gonna see a Viking and a goat standing outside my window holding a boombox that's playing "In Your Wallet" am I ?

— gigglechick (@gigglechick)
ID: 2267515

@gigglechick oOo that was a good one- i like that. #eatyourheartoutcameroncrowe ^JD

— Capital One (@AskCapitalOne)
ID: 2267517

@AskCapitalOne we've been through a lot, it's difficult for me to move on, too. I know you've been talking to @Experian_US about me. *gasp*

— gigglechick (@gigglechick)
ID: 2267518

@gigglechick But we had to! If we can do anything to turn this relationship around, please let us know. We can't lose you! :) ^JD

— Capital One (@AskCapitalOne)
ID: 2267521

@AskCapitalOne - it's not you, it's me. I just need a little more time to think about "Us". @GODIVA chocolate or @1800flowers could woo me.

— gigglechick (@gigglechick)
ID: 2267523

@gigglechick Valentine's Day is just right around the corner... #truffles #dozenroses #nomorephonecalls ^JD

— Capital One (@AskCapitalOne)
ID: 2267525

@AskCapitalOne oooooh.... i'll get a slinky red dress to wear fo--- dagnabit... I need to pay my bill so i can get dolled up for you.

— gigglechick (@gigglechick)
ID: 2267526

@AskCapitalOne so if i pick up the phone, you'll have had me at "Hello" <3

— gigglechick (@gigglechick)
ID: 2267528

@gigglechick " it me you're looking for..." Yes. :) ^JD

— Capital One (@AskCapitalOne)
ID: 2267529

whoa! wait a minute! have you been cheating on me with @RockHullabaloo for the past few years @AskCapitalOne ??

— gigglechick (@gigglechick)
ID: 2267530

@gigglechick What can we say?! She gave us donuts! :) ^JD

— Capital One (@AskCapitalOne)
ID: 2267531

@AskCapitalOne so the way to your heart is through the stomach... fine! FINE! here are homemade gigglecookies.

— gigglechick (@gigglechick)
ID: 2267532

@AskCapitalOne of course... this figures. I complained about being called a lot and now you've got me baking for you. #codependentcredit

— gigglechick (@gigglechick)
ID: 2267535

@gigglechick Your cookies are divine. #nomnomnom #milkplease #catnap #zZzZzZ

— Capital One (@AskCapitalOne)
ID: 2267536

@AskCapitalOne now that I have you in a sugar coma, how about you knock my payment down? pretty please? **batting fake eyelashes**

— gigglechick (@gigglechick)
ID: 2267537

@gigglechick Why do we suddenly feel hypnotized... ^JD

— Capital One (@AskCapitalOne)
ID: 2267538

@AskCapitalOne yesssss... stare into my bacon meatloaf and knock the balance on my card down... you feel sleeeeepy...

— gigglechick (@gigglechick)
ID: 2267539

We're headed home for the night folks to eat some cookies, thanks to a certain someone (ehem @gigglechick ) We'll be back tomorrow at 10AM!

— Capital One (@AskCapitalOne)
ID: 2267543

@AskCapitalOne sweet dreams!

— gigglechick (@gigglechick)
ID: 2267551

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