10 Reasons Italia ‘90 Is The Oddest World Cup Edition Ever

Italia ‘90 is known for being the kitschest soccer competion ever, for its stunning, colourful graphics and eccentric footballers from all over the world.

1. Ciao

most horrible mascot ever.

ID: 400799

2. That green squared field in the middle of a coliseum

ID: 400835

3. Italia ‘90 Burago car model

Should have been a special edition.

ID: 400804

4. This Schillaci’s face

ID: 400811

5. This other Schillaci’s face

ID: 400813

6. Milla VS Higuita

Video available at:  .

Best Coca Cola’s unexpected sponsor

ID: 400828

7. This Caniggia pre-match thumbnail

ID: 400841

8. England’s Chris Waddle mullet

ID: 400861

9. Italy’s defender Ciro Ferrara saying “Ciao Mamma” to the camera before Italy - Argentina

Roberto Mancini’s also sending kisses in the background.

ID: 400846

10. Giorgio Moroder’s soundtrack

Video available at:  .
ID: 400839

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