15 Reasons Why Anders Holm Is The Perfect Commencement Speaker

The students of University of Wisconsin-Madison have chosen Wisco alumni, Anders Holm, as their commencement speaker. Here are 15 reasons why this was the best idea EVER.

1. He understands the importance of pre-gaming.

2. He is equally confused by how to use the library.

3. He knows how good a win over Michigan/Nebraska/Minnesota feels.

4. He can attest to the importance of good hygiene.

5. He’s got the moves.

6. He gets how important it is to physically and mentally prepare for a walk up Bascom.

7. He remembers Mifflin, even if you don’t.

8. He has great advice on which job offers to take.

9. He understands that sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get ahead.

10. He’ll try to remind you to look on the bright side.

11. He has the same feelings about student loans.

12. He knows how it feels to lose your resume formatting when you have to copy and paste it into a website.

13. He knows how to handle the difficult personalities you will encounter in the workplace.

14. He knows how you feel the Monday after Halloween.

15. He knows the way to get noticed at a new job.

He loves Wisconsin.

You’ve made a great choice, Badgers! Now upload his speech to Youtube, k thanks.

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