13 Cats With Thumbs Being Adorable

Polydactyl cats, also known as Hemingway cats, have extra toes. They also happen to be pretty darn adorable.

1. Do you need some help? I can type.

ID: 1139593

2. And how does that make you feel?

ID: 1139597

3. Yes, I love this show!

ID: 1139598

4. Urgh, I hate this stupid writer’s block.

ID: 1139603

5. Shh…he can’t hear me coming.

ID: 1139606

6. I made you this painting.

ID: 1139624

7. Can I come in now?

ID: 1139608

8. I’m just so tired.

ID: 1139609

9. Oh, hello there

ID: 1139610

10. I’m just nervous, okay?!

ID: 1139633

11. Don’t mind me! I’m just hanging out.

ID: 1139612

12. Is that my toy?

ID: 1139613

13. All good here!

ID: 1139632

Kittens in mittens are the best!

ID: 1139621

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